SALT is not a school. Our organization functions as a home school co-op that brings families together for the sake of working cooperatively in the teaching of our children. SALT exists as a community of families that each contribute in some way toward the education, socialization, safety, or well-being of our children.

Because our program relies on parental involvement, SALT is not a drop off program. Students over the age of 13 may be left on campus unattended, as long as the student is thriving in the areas of academics and conduct. The parents must exhibit an attitude of involvement and accountability even when not on site.

SALT tutors offer a variety of classes that assist you in your child’s education, but they do not replace you as the student’s primary tutor for that subject, nor are they responsible for the student’s academic progress. The tutor will be responsible for introducing a weekly lesson, assigning homework, grading the homework once completed, and posting grades. Parents play an active role in this process by requiring the completion of assigned work, monitoring the student’s weekly progress, assisting the student with organizational skills, and checking grades that have been posted.

For our elementary age students, SALT offers both academic and enrichment classes. Our enrichment classes do not require work to be completed at home AND/OR do not issue a grade for student work. The academic classes require the completion of homework and grades are given for each assignment. If you place your child in an academic class, they will be expected to complete the assigned work.

For our junior high and high school students, SALT offers both academic and elective classes. Our electives, such as P.E., Tae Kwon Do, Art, Violin, Guitar, Piano, and Voice provide credit in the areas of physical education and fine arts. Academic classes center on the subjects of Language Arts, Mathematics, History, Science, and electives necessary to fulfill graduation requirements.


Recognizing we are the SALT of the earth to a dying world, we as parents and tutors will provide a teaching environment for our children allowing them to excel academically. We will combine our wisdom, influence each other spiritually, and hold one another accountable to God’s standards for life.


SALT accepts all families, regardless of belief or background, that home school at least one school age child and agree to abide by our Code of Conduct and respect our Statement of Faith.


Our co-op meets Tuesdays and Thursdays between the hours of 8:30 – 3:35. Classes range from Preschool/Kindergarten to High School and are a mix of academic and enrichment. During registration, families may sign up for one class or many. Students and families are on campus only as their individual class selections require.

All registration is in person. Please see the Family Enrollment page for more information.