Thank you for your interest in SALT Educational Co-op!

SALT is a home school cooperative for students Pre-K through 12th grade.

SALT is not a school and is not an accredited learning facility.

We are a community of home school families that work together in the education of our children.

SALT assists your family in the home school process by offering both academic and enrichment classes.  Our academic classes provide students with instruction, labs, tests, and class work, as well as daily homework.  The enrichment classes provide a teaching atmosphere in class, but do not carry additional homework assignments.  In addition to our classes, we offer piano lessons.

Students can participate in one class or may enroll in a full day of classes, depending on their current needs.  Parents have the freedom to select the classes they want their child to take at SALT.  Each SALT tutor selects the specific curriculum to be used in their class.

Our classes take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  The parent is responsible for teaching  their children on the days that they are not at SALT and for teaching them the subjects that they are not enrolled in at SALT.  Our organization does not offer a structured curriculum that covers every subject.  Instead, we supplement the education they are receiving at home by providing classes that cover subject matters that may be difficult for a parent to teach, that may be difficult for the child to learn, or that may simply be fun to learn in a group setting.  SALT allows the parent to customize their child’s education program based on personality, learning needs, and interests.

To help you decide if SALT is a good fit for your family, read through our Handbook.  Once you have made the decision to join, contact us during an open registration time and schedule a new family appointment.  If you need academic counseling in order to assist you with class selection, we ask that you schedule a time to meet with one of our advisers prior to the new family appointment. This will help expedite your registration and assist you in making sure that SALT is the right program for your family.

We look forward to working with you!

Please Read Over Our Frequently Asked Questions

Is SALT a school?

No, SALT is an educational co-op made up of home school families that are working together in the teaching of their children.

Is SALT an accredited learning program?

No, since SALT is not a school, it is not recognized as an official teaching institution.

How does a co-op work?

A co-operative is an organization that involves a group of people/members working together toward a common goal and sharing in the benefits of that work.  At SALT, each family contributes in some way to the education, socialization, safety, or well being of the children.  Just as we each give of our time or talents, we each benefit from the time or talents that others share.

Is it a drop off program?

Students under the age of 13 must have a parent or responsible adult with them on campus at all times.  Students over 13 may be dropped off, but we strongly encourage parents to remain on campus since even teenagers benefit from your presence.

What days do you meet?

SALT meets every Tuesday and Thursday.  Our year begins in September and ends in May.  We provide a Thanksgiving Break, Christmas Break, and Spring Break for our students.

Do I pay to join SALT?

Yes, each family pays a once per year registration fee to join SALT. This fee covers the cost of building rental, insurance, and operating costs.

This fee provides your family with a fantastic campus that includes a  playground, gym, kitchen, lunch room, and two levels of classrooms.

Do the classes cost money?

Yes, each class that you register for requires a one-time materials fee for supplies and a monthly tuition.

How much are the registration fees?

This fee varies depending upon how many children you enroll. Families registering one child pay $200, families registering two children pay $250, and families registering three or more children pay $300 – regardless of how many children they sign up.

How often do I pay?

Tuition is due at the beginning of each month, with the exception of your April tuition payment. During registration, you will pay your April tuition payment upfront. Your April tuition payment is a built in drop fee, should you decide that a class is not working out for your child and would like to withdraw for that class. The rest of your tuition payments will be made monthly starting in September and going through March. Please look at the SALT calendar to see our payment schedule.

Who selects my child’s classes?                                                                   

Each parent selects the classes that they want their child enrolled in.

Is there a set number of classes that I have to sign up for?                                                         

No, a student can take one class or a full day of classes.

Do you offer support for those new to home schooling?

Absolutely!  Our parent’s support group meets every Tuesday at 9:45, on the SALT campus.

What social opportunities do you provide for the families?

We offer many opportunities for you to build relationships with other families.  We offer family activity days, fields trips, and spirit days. SALT is a fun place to be!

Do you serve lunch on campus?

No, but you are welcome to bring your lunch and eat in the gym with the other families on campus.

What does the parent do while the children are in class?                                              

The gym is our main hub at SALT and parents tend to spend their time there visiting, teaching their children that are not in class, or working on projects.  We also have a quiet area upstairs where parents can relax or read. 

What is a service job and does every parent have one?

Every parent is required to serve one hour and fifteen minutes per week to help our campus run smoothly.  We have a variety of places to serve:  playground monitor, gym monitor, or hall monitor are just a few examples.   If parents are unable to help due to work or other obligations, they can pay $40.00 service fee each month, September through May, in lieu of serving.

Do you offer academic counseling?


How do I prepare my high school student for graduation?

Each parent has the final say on which classes their student will take during high school.  However, if students are college bound, they should follow TEA guidelines for graduation. These guidelines show which classes colleges want them to have completed before graduation.   Under our “Recommended Core” tab, you will find the current TEA schedule for class selection.

Do you offer a graduation ceremony? 

SALT provides a formal graduation ceremony for all seniors that elect to participate.  Families join together to share the cost of the ceremony.