In 1994, a small group of families began meeting together in their homes for the purpose of fellowship and group academics. Over the next six years, this circle of home school families grew and eventually developed into SALT Educational Co-op. In 2001, SALT opened its doors as an official educational cooperative that assists in the home education of school-aged children, grades Pre-K through 12th. SALT exists as a community of families that each contribute in some way toward the education, socialization, safety, and well being of our children.

SALT operates in agreement with Texas legal guidelines that state, “Families have the freedom to home school without state involvement and their home is legally recognized as a private school”. (Leeper v. Arlington District Court) We support the fact that your home is your child’s school and that by electing to home school, you assume the role of primary teacher. Families have the right to customize their student’s education based on individual interests, learning styles, needs, and personality, and to incorporate personal values and beliefs into their daily teaching. We understand that each family selects the subjects their child will learn, but encourage college bound students to follow TEA graduation guidelines when selecting core classes and electives during their high school years.

SALT supplements the home education process by offering a multitude of both academic and enrichment classes. Our academic classes provide students with instruction, labs, tests, and class work, as well as daily homework. Enrichment classes provide a teaching atmosphere in class, but do not carry additional homework assignments. Students may participate in one class or may enroll in several, depending on their current needs. In addition to our classes, we offer private lessons in piano.

SALT is not just another home school co-op, we are a community. Not only do we offer an array of activities for our students, but we encourage parents to build connections by participating in our Field Trips and Family Activity Days. Not only do SALT families work together in building a solid educational foundation for our children, but we walk together on a road that leads to friendship, shared experiences, and support for one another.

Our organization is led by a Board of Directors and a Directing Committee. The Board of Directors serves our families by establishing policies and guiding the direction/vision of the co-op. The Directing Committee, which is composed of onsite tutors and moms, oversees the daily operation of our co-op and serves interactively with our SALT community.